My name is Charlie Lyne. I am a filmmaker and one third of Loop.

I am a Field of Vision fellow for 2018.

My e-mail address is hello @ this website.

Here are my films:

Beyond Clueless (2014)

Copycat (2015)

Fear Itself (2015)

Paint Drying (2016)

Blackout (2016)

Fish Story (2017)

Frames and Containers (2017)

Missing Episode (2017)

Personal Truth (2017)

I also worked on:

Ross Sutherland's Stand By for Tape Back-Up (2015)
Joe Stephenson's Chicken (2015)
Anthony Ing's Day After Day (2016)

Here is some of my recent writing:

The Case for Unfair Use (Sight & Sound)
I Went to Extraordinary Lengths to Sidestep Britain's Film Censors (Vice)
Make It Rain: a new chance for short documentaries? (Sight & Sound)
The Six Fonts of Cameraperson (Filmmaker)